Tooth Extractions

Compassionate Care When You Need It Most

Put your fears about tooth extraction to rest. Our caring, compassionate team will ensure that your procedure is gentle and stress-free.

At Doylestown Dental, we provide you with all the support you need for a healthy, problem-free smile. If something does go wrong, we will offer our full range of services to help get your smile back on track. 

Why We Might Recommend Extraction

We never take extractions lightly, and they are almost always a last resort treatment that’s needed to protect your overall oral health. If a tooth is too damaged, we may recommend extraction, but we assure you that we will eliminate all our other options before we recommend removal. 

Examples of when we might recommend extraction are: 

  • Advanced Decay – A decayed tooth is so compromised that a filling or crown is no longer sufficient to protect it. 
  • Root Canal Infection – An infected root canal has passed the point where we can resolve it with endodontic treatment. 
  • In Preparation for Dentures – In some cases, we need to remove one or more teeth to deliver the best outcome for your dentures treatment.
  • Removal of Wisdom Teeth – Wisdom teeth are so far back in your mouth that adequate cleaning can be difficult or impossible. Since they don’t serve any purpose, we often recommend removal to avoid any problems that may develop with them in the future.

Compassionate Care from a Supportive Team 

Tooth loss can impact your life in ways you may not expect. If you are embarrassed or ashamed that you need extraction, your confidence suffers. Then you have to prepare for the procedure itself and decide what tooth replacement will best fit your needs. 

But you can feel comfortable with us, knowing that we are a caring team of professionals who can relate to your concerns. Our only goal is to make your procedure as comfortable as possible so you can get the help you need to restore your comfort and oral health. If Dr. Maryann or Dr. Jon determines that extraction is your best option, they will help you understand why the procedure is necessary and how it will benefit your oral health in the long term.

When it’s time for your procedure, you can take comfort knowing that a compassionate team member will be with you during your appointment to offer a hand to hold or moral support if you feel nervous.

Please Call Us for an Appointment

Do you have a tooth that’s troubling you and think you may need an extraction? Please call Doylestown Dental at (330) 658-6983 to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors. If they find that tooth removal is necessary, they will explain all your tooth replacement options, including dental implants, dentures, and bridges.

You can be confident that we will help you get the care you need and restore your smile back to full health!

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