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What tooth replacement options do you offer?

At Doylestown Dental, we understand that dealing with missing teeth takes a toll on your comfort, your appearance, and your overall ability to enjoy life. We want to help you enjoy the benefits of a whole and healthy smile, so we offer several options for tooth replacement.

Of all the solutions we offer, dental implants are by far the tooth replacement method of choice – with good reason. Unlike other types of tooth replacement, an implant includes an artificial root that is surgically placed in your jaw and allowed to heal. The result is a healthy, durable foundation that can be restored with a crown, bridge, or denture.

You may think you know all about dentures, but in recent years we have seen some remarkable advances in dental materials and techniques. Our high-quality dentures are fabricated by skilled technicians using the most updated materials and technology available today. The result is tooth replacement that allows you to speak, eat, and smile comfortably. If you are concerned about dentures that move and shift, we will be happy to talk to you about combining them with dental implants to hold the denture securely in place.

A dental bridge is a time-tested option for tooth replacement. The goal of a bridge is to fill the space left by a missing tooth to restore function and appearance.

If you are tired of living with a gap in your smile, please call Doylestown Dental for a consultation. Our doctors will be happy to explain your options and choose the one that best fits your needs.

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